Business Profile Portraits

How is your business image? I would like to offer my photo and video services to create a professional business portrait of you and your staff. I will come on-location to your business and set up a mini photo studio to get quality images. We can even go outside and set up a group photo with your property or fleet of work vehicles. I can make this happen quickly with a little effort, so the process is easy and fun for everyone.

Photography for Branding and Advertising

Your business brand is important when you need to get the best message on advertising and marketing pieces. Great photos can be used for press releases, websites, social media, and brochures. If you are ready for a fresh, professional image, then my photo and video services are sure to help you stand out, and show your best image.

On Location Commercial Photos

The construction industry is vital to our community, and with a little planning, my photography can document building projects. With my professional equipment and creative vision, I can make a collection of property photos that will show your skills and be a part of your business portfolio and advertising.

Architecture Photography

I have the best cameras and lenses to capture your elegant interior designs and picture-perfect landscape projects. Building contractors and luxury real estate projects need to be preserved with clear, well-lit photos and capture the best angles. With my high resolution flying camera, I can provide birds-eye views of properties and events that will wow clients.

Resort and Restaurant Photography

I often photography interiors and exteriors for Cape Cod resorts and restaurants. This includes photos of rooms that show the ambience and decor that make a property unique. I will come and discretely set up my camera and lights and capture your venue, whether this is a vast dining room with nice table setups, or a posed group of guests enjoying a fun experience. The first step is to call me for a photo design chat and create a strategy for a synchronized photography project.

Food Photography

Close ups of a well-crafted food display can be a powerful way to entice your clients to order your fine cuisine. Whether it be for a menu, table top display, or advertisement, my photos will help you present your mouth-watering food to the world!

Products and Artisan Photography

Website shopping cart photographs are important to showing off your manufactured product or arts and crafts creations. It is important to have high resolution professional images that give your products dimension and detail for maximum impact. I can photograph projects from the smallest earring to an automobile. If you need models for photography, I can supply them too. I would love to share my creative ideas with you.

My Studio or Your Location

My photography studio has soft box lighting and a variety of backdrops that can complement your items. I can even come to you and set up my equipment at your location, if that is will make it easier to complete a project. Call me with your ideas, and we can go over your project and make it a reality.

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