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by | Mar 8, 2019

Cape Cod Photographer Russ Price Creates Fun Professional Photos

My Artistic Photo Vision

My artistic vision takes over my photographic creations and allows me to use my camera and computers to design images that are visually exciting. I love capturing symmetry in nature and architecture. Also, I instinctively compose images with traditional rules of design and occasionally mix my fascination for abstract or unusual angles, so the viewer is drawn into my images. In addition, my passion is with black and white photographs, which have perfect elements of contrast, light, shadows, and excellent print quality. I enjoy adjusting images with Photoshop and printing them with fine art paper and an archival process, so future generations can enjoy my photography visions of the world.

  • My favorite art subjects are Cape Cod seascapes.
  • Black and White photos of close ups that become abstract.
  • Composing with the rule of thirds and off-centered subjects.
  • Finding the best angle of light that gives texture and depth.
  • Playing in Photoshop to create dramatic effects.


Family Portraits and Special Reunion Photography

As a Master Photographer, a professional photography design happens when the right timing, lighting, photo location, and poses all come together. Cape Cod and other nearby locations provide the perfect settings to create great family portraits on the beach. Also, with my camera skills, I strive to capture the relationships and fun, during a family reunion, wedding, or special event. The most popular portrait services are:

  • Family Portraits on the beach, at home, or your favorite outdoor location.
  • Lifestyle and candid photos capturing your hobbies and passions.
  • Children photographs with their fun expressions and personality.
  • Weddings and special event photos, family reunions, and celebrations.
  • And I use my 25 years of photography experience to insure that I provide you with an enjoyable time and provide images that you will be thrilled with.


Commercial and Business Photography and Video

In addition to fine portraits, I have an expertise in creating artistic images for commercial and advertising photography. My photo and video services include a design consultation to plan out your photography session and final output requirements.

  • Common photography assignments include: Studio-style publicity head shots.
  • On-location business photos of detailed interiors and exteriors and construction.
  • Aerial Views of properties with my high resolution photo and video cameras.
  • Product and advertising images for displays, publications and websites.
  • Videos for profiles, product demos, marketing and branding.


Wedding Photography and Video

With my 20 plus year experience creating quality wedding ceremony and reception photographs, my extensive collection of wedding albums have documented all the emotion and action, and people say I am the premier wedding professional to photograph their special day. My favorite photography compositions for weddings are:

  • Once-in-a-lifetime family portraits with multi generations
  • Emotional expressions caught close up-including tears of joy.
  • Candid style photo journalism in classic black and white.
  • Dazzling sunsets on the beach-silhouettes walking hand in hand.
  • Splashing surf on sandy beaches and bare feet.
  • The best compliment I get is, ‘’ I didn’t see you all day!”


Please Call Me to Arrange a Photography Design Chat

If you need professional photos to promote your business brand, or document a special moment in your life, then please call me for a complimentary photo design chat. I would like to learn what you like, and why the photographs are important to you. This will help me personalize your photography session and make sure you get what you want. In fact, I back up all my services with a satisfaction guarantee. I look forward to working together soon, as you take the first step in making a perfect collection of Priceless Photos.

My Tips

by | Mar 8, 2019

The Portrait Creation Process

Planning Your Portrait

As with most things in life, the planning stage is the most important part of the process.  I begin the photography creation process with an initial conversation to get to know each other and discuss the portrait you have in mind. This can be done at my Marstons Mills studio or over the phone. Together we determine the appropriate location, style, and mood of the image. Next we focus on the portrait session style and what clothing color scheme will works best in pictures. Carefully selecting clothing and accessories is essential to creating a portrait that is in harmony with your personal style and the décor of the area where the portrait will be displayed. If desired, I will come to your home and help you determine the best place to display your portrait and suggest the appropriate size and picture frame.

The Portrait Session

On the day of your portrait session, be sure to allow enough time to prepare. The length of the session will depend on the location, number of people involved and complexity of the setting. It is a good idea to bring toys or snacks to distract young children that may become restless. Some other items you may want to have on hand are optional shirt tops, a hair brush and hair clips (the beach is windy).If small children are involved, I suggest that you do not over emphasize that they are having their picture taken or ask them to “smile” for the photographer. I get the best results when I can capture a spontaneous and natural expression and we have found that the best smiles are prompted through interaction, not staged. If I need your help on keeping a happy spirit, your assistance will be appreciated.

During the creation of the photography, I set up several group combinations and will photograph each family unit separate, and also will create images of couple and kids together. This will all depend on the lighting conditions and patience of everyone at the moment! Your portrait combination requests are welcome, and I will do my best to accommodate. Spontaneity is usually the best way to work these in.

 Image Selection Process

Viewing a presentation of the best edited images from your session using state of the art digital projection, if the fun part. You will have a sneak preview at my studio, and I will assist you in selecting your favorite images. Also I can explain your options for prints sizes, paper textures, and either color or black and white photographs. I can also assist in the selection of a frame that will compliment your feature wall portrait.

It is important that everyone who is to be part of the decision making process is present at the viewing. If they are out of town, then please consider ordering a basic photo package for each family, so they will at least have gift photos to remember your special gathering. Be prepared to place your order at this time, and while I can display the images on my large screen. I do not post my photography creations on the web, because the resolution does not show the true beauty of your portraits. Also, I have found that it will be easier for you to focus on making your selection if small children are not present. However, they are always welcome. Thank you for understanding.

The Photograph Finishing Touch

The originals portrait creations you view during image selection represent only an intermediate step in the development of your portrait. Once you have chosen an image, I begin the creation of your finished portrait .Each original image that you order is expertly enhanced with color balance, brightness, sharpness, and complexion retouching. Then the image is carefully transferred to the selected medium and the appropriate finish is applied. Your portrait is coated with a protective clear finish that will preserve the quality of the image and enhance its longevity and beauty. The final product is not just a portrait; it is a true work of art. I look forward to creating a masterpiece for you!

Creating Photographic Images For Print Competions

After many professional photography competitions entries, I have finally won enough print merits to earn my Master Photography Degree from PPA (Professional Photographers Association of America). Creating a competition print is much different from making a photograph for my clients. I have to keep in mind that a panel of skilled professional photographers will view and judge my image. I can only enter images that I love and have a good feeling with the final result. Often the judging panel thinks differently than I do!


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